Welcome!  My name is Nancy Richmond and I'm a Certified Aromatologist Professional who is registered with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.  I love essential oils and what they can do to enhance and enrich our lives.

I have eczema.  I battled it for years and nothing worked.  I got sick of spending money on more skin care products that didn’t work.  I was introduced to a workshop on how to make natural skin care products and figured it was worth the investment to see if I could come up with a solution to my problem.  And I did.  It took off from there.  I became addicted to learning as much as I could on how to make all kinds of products.  I took more workshops, did countless hours of research and I experimented.  A lot.

I am not a doctor, scientist, chemist or professional chef.  I am a person who has skin.  Simple as that.

I'm a skin care fanatic and have developed my own line of natural skin care products.  I'm always tinkering with formulas and products for both skin care and cosmetics so there is no limit what I can do for my customers and clients.  Along with my line of skin care I also offer custom skin care products.  SO much fun and what an awesome thing to do for yourself.  Professional, high end skin care made specially for YOU.

I am alsoa reiki practitioner and I do energy work using several tools and modalities.  I do in person and distance healing.  Reach out to explore what I have to offer.