That's me in grade 2.  I don't know what's worse-the bangs my mother cut or the eyebrows she passed on to me.  Thanks Ma.  Flip a coin.

Aromatherapy can't do much about bad haircuts or unibrows but they sure can do lots of good stuff.

Contact me to book an aromatherapy appointment in person, by phone or by skype.  Let's do you some good.

We start with you filling out a health intake form.  It's some general info on your health history so that I make sure we use essential oils safely.  This is most important.  Safety first!

Next is the consultation.  All appointments take around 30 minutes.  We talk about your health history and what you would like to work on.  Then I come up with a plan and send you on your merry way with some instructions.  You come back a few weeks later for your follow up appointment and we talk about how things went. 

From there we decide on the next course of action, if any.  Or we start working on the next issue you wish to tackle.

Each visit is $22 plus cost of products but check your employee benefits package...many of them cover aromatherapy visits!